Killing The Fireman While Scalding Him With Steam

Killing The Fireman While Scalding Him With Steam



Photo album titled on front pastedown “H.R. SAWYER (?) VIEWS OF EARLY PRELIMINARY WORK U.P.R.R.”


A fascinating annotated vernacular photo album created by H.R. Sawyer who worked on the Union Pacific Railroad both in Wyoming and Nebraska, primarily in 1910 with photos up to 1913. There are 143 silver gelatin photos with most 2.1/4 x 3 inches and some 5 x 7 inches.


Sawyer has photographed his work ranging from Omaha, Nebraska to Medicine Bow, Wyoming. He himself was initially stationed out of Sidney, Nebraska with a photo identifying his office building. Photos include one of the Medicine Bow Depot, the “Slow and Easy” R.R. Engine which ran between Saratoga and Encampment, Wyoming, Hotel Walcott and the Walcott, WY train depot; the round house at Sidney, Nebraska; a series of 4 photos of the collision when Engine 118 collided into Engine 214 killing the fireman by scalding him with steam; thirteen photos of 2 other train wrecks outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming; photos of the Sidney stock yards including that of “Bill” Barton – the yardmaster; the No. 5 train as it was leaving Cheyenne. Other photos are those of cowboys, farmers, farms and ranches. A really interesting album with most of the photos annotated giving insight into the photographs and recording life on the trains as they crossed the west prior to World War I.


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Killing The Fireman While Scalding Him With Steam